Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is one of Karah's pics we took for her Graduation Reception. Karah has been homeschooling for this last 3 years. She has mostly done it on her own, with the help of a few good friends that are teachers. Karah will be attending BYU in August.
This is Mac and his Girlfriend Kayla.

This is Karah and her clogging teacher Angie Miller. They are doing one of their competiton songs called "Raining Men". Karah and Angie will be going to Alabama in August to compete together one more time as duet partners before Karah leaves for school.

Karah at one of her clogging performaces

This is Karah at one of the local schools teaching them some clogging moves. They were learning about Pioneer Times, thus their cute little outfits.

Welcome to our blog

First, we would like to welcome all our friends and family members. Isn't technology cool. Since writing letters are a thing of the past, and it seems everyone is into the internet, facebook, myspace, and blogging, I thought I should join in on the fun. Maybe this way, everyone can keep up with our busy life. I hope you enjoy it and will write us on it.